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A Pre-listing inspection may save your deal

Are you thinking of selling your home this year? If so, why not consider getting a pre-listing inspection before you list? Pre-listing inspections can be helpful for a number of reasons:

They are often less costly and less formal than a traditional home inspection but can still bring to light any defects in your home.

Addressing these defects before you list, can help assure that buyers won't get cold feet after their home inspection.

You can avoid a repair request from the new buyer that may be costly. Finding out the defects in your home before you list, helps put you in control. You can shop around and/or have the contractor of your choice fix the defects on your terms. Keep in mind that the items listed on a Repair Addendum often reflect the cost of having a contractor make individual trips to fix defects. If you are aware of these defects before, you can have a contractor make one trip to knock out all of the items--a much less costly way of fixing any defects in your home.

Ultimately, a pre-listing inspection can help you save money and minimize the chances of your deal falling through! It's just one way you can begin to prepare your home for the market. It's important to reach out to your trusted real estate advisor as early as possible to chart a good course for getting your home ready to sell.

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